About Us

Big Bend Transit, Inc., which began in 1978, provides transportation services for the general public by way of a reservation system. In addition to providing service in the Leon County Area, Big Bend Transit is the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for a four county region that includes Gadsden, Jefferson, Taylor and Madison Counties. Big Bend Transit, Inc. offers transportation under two programs which include the Medicaid Recipient Program and the Transportation Disadvantaged Program. Through these programs, Big Bend Transit Inc. can provide low cost means for participants to attend appointments across the Big Bend region.

The fact is that shuttle buses and vans save money and time. We offer our clients reliable convenience, customized service and centralized billing. All clients will receive courteous and personalized service from our Big Bend Transit experienced staff of coordinators and drivers.


To provide safe, reliable, courteous, and affordable transportation to the community while maintaining dignity and respect for our customers. This service will improve the quality of life for our customers by providing access to health care, education, employment, and recreation. We will constantly solicit feedback to improve our service to our customers as they will always be our highest priority.


Integrity - We revere honesty. We adhere to high ethical standards. Every action, and every decision upholds the values and principles of Big Bend Transit, Inc.

Golden Rule - We respect all people, value differences among them and deal with them in the way that we wish to be dealt with. To do this, we must know ourselves and try to understand others.

Excellence - We strive to constantly improve in order to meet and exceed the high expectation of our customers.

Community - We have a sense of responsibility and contribution to our community which defines our existence.

Compassion - To show care and kindness for others and helping those individuals who are in need.

Safety - To ensure the safety of our customers and public while providing reliable and timely services to our customers and the community.