Frequently Asked Questions

Are there rules or guidelines to using this transportation service?
Yes. You can download our Rider Guide to get details of what to expect from Big Bend Transit, Inc., as well as learn what is expected of you the passenger.

Where is the Transportation Service Available?
Generally, you can ride to and from any location within Jefferson, Leon, Gadsden, Madison and Taylor counties. The service is designed to transport individuals and the general public.

What Transportation Will be Provided?
Generally, curb-to-curb transportation service will be available Monday through Sunday from 6am - 10pm in Leon County, Monday through Saturday from 6am - 8pm in Gadsden County, and Monday through Saturday from 6am - 6pm in Jefferson, Madison and Taylor Counties.

How Can I Access the Transportation Service?
Transportation requests must be made at least 1 day in advance of your travel needs. Call your local Big Bend Transit office by 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday (call on Friday for a Saturday or Monday ride). You will be asked for your name, phone number, pickup address, where you are going and what time you need to arrive, if a return trip is wanted and if assistance for a disability (wheelchair, sight impaired, etc.) is required. You will be told what time to be ready for your pick up.

What do I do if I require a service animal to accompany me on my trip?
Guide dogs and other service animals are allowed to accompany you if this need is indicated in your file. Therefore, when scheduling a trip, please inform the Customer Service Representative if a service animal may be accompanying you on the trip.  Be sure to read BBT's policy concerning what type service animals are permitted and what guidelines are to be followed.

What do I do if I require modifications to my ride?
Big Bend Transit is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient, and accessible service to its passengers. Please review our Reasonable Modification Policy for information about how we ensure equality and fairness to all individuals.

If I Need to Change Plans or Cancel My Ride, What Do I Do?
Should you need to change your plans or cancel your ride, call your local BBT office as soon as possible. Failure to cancel your ride within 2 hours of your time of travel will cause a "NO-SHOW" charge and/or cancellation of transportation privileges.

What is the Phone Number for the Transportation System?
Jefferson County--850-997-1323 option #3
Leon County--850-574-6064 option #1
Gadsden County--850-627-9958 option #2
Taylor County--850-584-5566 option #3
Madison County--850-973-4418 option #3

Information is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8711 provides TDD accessibility.

Where do I find your Title VI and Non-Discrimination Plan?
Visit the Title VI and Non-Discrimination Plan page.

Por dónde puedo encontrar información acerca del título VI y el plán contra la discriminación?
Usted puede revisar la página El Título VI y el Plan Contra la Discriminación.

Who Would I Contact With Concerns About Service Provided?
In the event you have difficulties with your travel and feel that these issues need to be addressed, contact the Transportation Coordinator at (850) 574-6266 option #6. Let the Transportation Coordinator know that you wish to discuss a concern about the transportation company, a driver, or any other aspect of the service.