Our History

On September 5th, 2012, the Florida transportation community lost a transportation advocate, provider and friend with the passing of Big Bend Transit's General Manager, Ted Waters.

Ted was an advocate for public transportation and the people that it served. His career in the Florida public transportation spanned 35 years, 32 of which were spent building Big Bend Transit into a company that provided outstanding service to all of its riders.

Throughout the state, Ted was known for his commitment to improving the accessibility of transportation services for everyone and he was a leader in promoting the benefits of public transportation and the coordinated system. He was also respected for his knowledge and expertise in the field of public transportation and he was always willing to serve as an advisor to other Florida coordinated systems. Ted will be remembered for the many innovative ways he created that led to greater efficiency for the coordinated service Big Bend Transit provided to meet the needs of the transportation disadvantaged community.

The Florida Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged honored Ted for his contributions to the Florida coordinated transportation system in 2007 when he was given the prestigious Sheila Winitzer Shining Star Award and again in 2011 when he was given the William G. and Budd Bell Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ted will be greatly missed by all of those who knew him in the public transportation field, but his legacy, dedication and commitment to excellence will be carried on at Big Bend Transit.

"Ted Waters was a very humble man. Even though he was a source of innovation for his company and set the standard for the state as a whole, he never bragged on his accomplishments, which were many. Whenever he was recognized, he was quick to pass the credit down the line to his staff. Thousands of hours of his life were spent in the community coaching youth athletics. There are young men and women in the Tallahassee area that credit Ted for changing their lives, but he kept this to himself. I knew Ted for 22 years. Countless people in need had their lives improved because of him and will never know it was because of him and his company, Big Bend Transit."

- Colleen Roland, MPO Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency